Statement of Support


Hoops Mind was founded by Joe and Dan Boylan with the idea of improving the mental skills and performance of athletes. Athletics can be an important positive tool in our society. However at Hoops Mind, we understand there is much more to life than our business.

We Must Learn and We Must Change

Hoops Mind staff is committed to the fight against pervasive white supremacy, systemic racism, and discrimination that plagues our communities. Through furthering education, self reflection, and diversity, equity, and inclusion training, we are learning how to become the best possible allies we can be. We acknowledge our privilege and platform as a vehicle for change.

We Support

At Hoops Mind, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of what we believe. 

We support Black people. We support People of Color, including Indigenous Peoples. We support LGBTQ people. We support non-binary people. We are feminists. We are anti-racist. We are unwavering in this support. This is what matters.